CompTIA Joins Hands with ACTE for Global Advancement of IT Education

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) and the Association for Career & Technical Education (ACTE) have announced to join hands to work together and come up with programs and strategies that will help more people getting ready for the IT job roles.

ACTE is the nation’s largest non-profit institution keen to educate youth as well as adults in securing a successful career. On the other hand, CompTIA is the largest advocate of IT, providing trillions of people career opportunities in Information Technology.

What Does CompTIA/ACTE Partnership Offer?

The demand for new technology as well as professionals who administer these technologies will never die down. In fact, in the coming years, it will only grow more and more. According to an estimate around 900,000 core IT jobs were posted in 2019 in the United States. Also according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, several computer & technology-related jobs like Cybersecurity Analysts and Application Software Developers are expected among the fastest-growing occupations over the next 10 years.

The partnership between ACTE and CompTIA will provide important benefits for individuals looking for a career in IT. CompTIA will help institutions to bring their IT Career and technical education programs to the current level of the industry. Also, helping them build a finer prospect for specific job roles.

How CompTIA Certification Establish Your Career?

Many CompTIA learning resources like PDF and Online preparation materials are available in a wide-range to assist the students to succeed. With Exams like Dumps Practices, students will be able to secure comprehensive knowledge. Moreover, the Study Material Training ensures students are well-versed to make a successful career in technology.

CompTIA is the best path toward building your career in IT. For one, CompTIA certifications are vendor-neutral which means you can apply the knowledge you gain from their certification to any tool. Secondly, it is the leading organization that covers the top three domains of the industry Core, Cybersecurity, and Infrastructure.

Although all certifications are beneficial at some level these 4 major certifications are the most sought after:

  • CompTIA IT Fundamentals+
  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Security+

How Can You Secure CompTIA A+ Certification?

CompTIA A+ is the most preferable among the top 4 certifications. The A+ certified professionals are the best problem solvers. They work with advanced technologies from security to cloud to data management and more. Also, A+ is toady’s digital world’s top credential for beginning your IT Career according to industry standards.

To get A+ certification the candidates need to pass these two exams:

  • 220-1001 CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1
  • 220-1002 CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 2

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How Can You Secure CompTIA Security+ Certification?

CompTIA Security+ remains the globally acknowledged certification that validates you have the basic skills needed to perform essential security functions and follow an IT security career. It is the first credential that you should get when you start your pursuit of an IT career. This certification focuses on the most essential Cybersecurity practices like risk management and risk mitigation. Security+ certified professionals know how to identify and address security threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities.

For this certification, the candidates need to pass the SY0-501 CompTIA Security+ Exam. Dumps4free has the perfect solution for SY0-501 candidates as well. Just start preparing Sy0-501 Dumps Questions Answers and your chances at passing the exam will increase ten folds.

To Sum Up

CompTIA only gets better with its collaboration with ACTE. This is the prime time for getting your CompTIA certification and stepping into the world of IT.

All You Need To Pass SAP Certified Application Associate Exam – C_HYBIL_2017 Latest Dumps 2019

In This Technology-based advancing world many professionals are in pursuit of qualification certifications. One such certification that is mots sort after is SAP Certified Application Associate. What hinders most of their progress is its hard qualification exam.

Candidates are expected to pass a 180-minute Certification Exam, “SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Hybris Billing – 2017”. This associate-level certification is in high demand and if you like others want to tackle its exam here’s what you need to do:

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Pass SAP C_HYBIL_2017 Exam In One Attempt With This Trick:

First, you need to know about the exam. The SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Hybris Billing – 2017 is a qualification exam to validate your skills and knowledge. The exam proves that those who have passed it possess basic knowledge in the business process and high-level configuration required of an SAP Hybris Billing associate consultant.

SAP Certified Application Associate certification demonstrates that the candidate has a complete understanding of an SAP Hybris Billing project and take up the associated job role.

Now comes the real challenge the C_HYBIL_2017 exam consists of 80 multiple-choice questions. You will need to get at least 58% to pass the exam successfully. To ensure success, the recommended pattern is to get the help of C_HYBIL_2017 Practice Questions & Answers. These practices provide hands-on experience and help you pass the exam. You get the general idea of your ability and hence become able to apply the knowledge you have gained in practical life.

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C_HYBIL_2017 Topics – Benefits you get With Passin1Day

One of the most important steps while covering the basics of your certification path is knowing your topics. If you know what you need to cover it is easier to tackle those specific areas. And generally, raise your chances of passing the exam. Just to remind you C_HYBIL_2017 Study Material covers all the exam topics of the exam according to the real contest.

Below is the list of C_HYBIL_2017 Test Questions that will be covered in the certification exam:

  • Master Data – Products, Business Partners, Contracts 12%
  • Order Management and Order Distribution 12%
  • Pricing 12%
  • Billing and Invoicing 12%
  • Integration of Sales and Order Management, Rating and Billing 8% – 12%
  • Collections (Contract Accounting) 8% – 12%

SAP reserves the right to updates these topics whenever they wish to. This causes a lot of problems among candidates. However, if you are getting the C_HYBIL_2017 Training then you shouldn’t worry. Passin1Day has employed experts that lookout for updates and immediately makes important changes to C_HYBIL_2017 Test Dumps.

Why Choose Passin1day C_HYBIL_2017 Practice Test?

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Other than that the C_HYBIL_2017 Exam Dumps are the result of mutual efforts of experts and professionals from your respective industry. They are to-the-point, give explanations at the end of the questions and provide test reports too. Moreover, there is no need to fret over the price. Although the C_HYBIL_2017 Braindumps are pretty inexpensive, they offer discounts and free 3 months updates.

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Cisco Cuts Down Expanding Skills Gaps with Sweeping Changes: CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE Certifications Improved

Cisco makes changes to CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE certifications in different areas. Putting more focus on network programmability, SD-WAN, multi-cloud, Internet of Things, and other software-focused initiatives.

Cisco apparently went through a detailed study of their recent certified professionals and that revealed some threatening facts. Certification Holders knew security and wireless well enough but they were having problems communicating the fundamentals of networking infrastructure.

Derek Winchester, CEO of consultancy Gotcha 6 Technologies and a member of Cisco’s CCIE Advisory Council noticed that hiring managers were demanding more skills than the CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE were providing.  These demands included awareness of cloud and Amazon Web Services as well as Python. Winchester felt Cisco was falling short in meeting these demands.

Also, Cisco request boxes were filling with appeals from not only network professionals needing to learn software-focused initiatives like programmability, multi-cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation, the Internet of Things, SD-WAN but there were also some developers who needed to know how to interact with IT teams and perform simple enterprise tasks.

Cisco as leaders in technology had a reputation to protect. So they went ahead and gave some certification a major makeover. These certifications include Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), and Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE).

The changes made will take effect on Feb. 24, 2020. While the official announcement of the updates was made back in June at Cisco Live! The company’s global conference. The company hopes to fill in the gaps in skills that hiring managers and professionals are experiencing. Senior Vice President and CTO of Cisco DevNet, Susie Wee says they are inviting network engineers and developers to build new skills and enlarge their career paths.

The new changes offer a bigger software system and a high level of skills. Cisco has updated the way the tracks worked within their four certification levels associate, specialist, professional, and expert.

You can now pursue an engineering or software track for each level. Or you can just choose to go with both tracks at the same time. How great is that!

For now, the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician, Cisco Certified Design Expert, and Cisco Certified Architect certifications remain the same. However, if the time demands there is no saying these would change as well.

You should consider upgrading your efforts too because with a greater level of skills and advanced technologies your responsibilities increase. If you need to pass these exams your skills must be up-to-date. The Dumps Questions Answers available at different reliable sites are the best way to attain this purpose.

Cisco has included some of the emerging technologies track questions to certification exams. The time demands effort and that can be less of a burden if you receive a helping hand. Get to the best Dumps Questions provider there is to reach your dreams. So you can lead this race to a better future!


Want a boost in your career? Then how about becoming Qlik Sense Data Architect! QSDA2018 Dumps Questions will help you get it. Once passed you will be able to manage countless Qlik components daily i.e. license management, indexers and search heads, configuration, monitoring, and getting data into Qlik. QSDA2018 EXAM DUMPS QUESTIONS got many candidates the top results. If you are looking for a bright future Free Qlik QSDA2018 Dumps just might come in handy.

If you must, then get it now for a flourishing future. Order your set of Qlik QSDA2018 Exam Question Answers get started with training.

Question # 1:

A car manufacturer has several QlikView apps. The manufacturer decides to migrate some specific apps to Qlik Sense. The manufacturer wants to reuse front-end variables from the previous QlikView app.
Which strategy should a data architect use to meet these requirements?
A. Use the QlikView converter within the Dev Hub of Qlik Sense
B. Drag and drop a QVW file into the Qlik Sense hub and create a new app
C. Export the existing LOAD script into a QVS file for later reuse in Qlik Sense
D. Copy and paste the LOAD script of the existing QlikView app into the new app
Answer: A

Question # 2:

A healthcare organization needs an app to track patient encounters, patient lab orders, and patient medications.
• Encounters, lab orders, and medication data are maintained in three separate tables linked by PatientID
• PatientID values in all three tables are completely accurate
• Patients may have encounters without lab orders or medications
The data architect needs to make sure that the count of patient lab orders is correct. Which method should the data architect to meet this requirement?
A. Load all three tables, create a copy of PatientID in the lab orders table as LabPatientID, and use Count(Distinct LabPatientID)
B. Load all three tables and use Count{Distinct PatientID)
C. Load all three tables and use Count(PatientlD)
D. Load all three tables, create a copy of PatientID in the lab orders table as LabPatientID, and use Count(LabPatientlD)
Answer: A

Question # 3:

A data architect uses the Qlik GeoAnalytics connector to determine the closest airports to cities in an existing app. The built-in location servicetjenerates data for the airport locations The data load editor
runs the script and sees a circular reference and a synthetic key How should the data architect fix these issues’?
A. When selecting an operation in the Qlik GeoAnalytics connector, select Only load distinct .
B. When choosing which data to load, uncheck the non-unique field in the new data tables.
C. Concatenate the airport table and the existing tables into one master table.
D. When selecting an operation in the Qlik GeoAnalytics connector, change the CRS to ‘None”.
Answer: D

Question # 4:

Refer to the exhibit.
A data architect needs to build a sales dashboard. Data is stored in a legacy database. The extracted data contains the date in the format, ‘YYYYDDMM’
Due to the source date format, the dates are being loaded as numbers.
Which function should the data architect use to fix this issue?
A. Timestamp
B. Date
C. Date#
D. Timestamp#
Answer: C

Question # 5:

Refer to the exhibits

Which corrective action should be taken to achieve the expected view?
A. Alias one of the fields in the Orders table.
B. Use distinct in the LOAD statement.
C. Use upper () to align the Salesperson fields
D. Add a link table.
Answer: A

New Microsoft Certification To Boost Your Career!

As you may already know, Microsoft is leading the industry as one of the most recognized certification provider. Microsoft Certification Programs allows professionals like you and me to become more than just ourselves. If you are a professional and are not so satisfied with your current situation, Microsoft Certifications are for you!

Microsoft Certifications not only equip you with potential skills but also open doors to many many opportunities. There are more than 2 million It Professionals with a Microsoft certification in whole wide world. And might I add, nearly all of them are enjoying better paychecks and more progressing opportunities. You can also become one of them, all you need is a Microsoft Certification. So are you ready to step up your IT Career. It must be noted however that Microsoft has modernized their programs to be extremely targeted.

Nonetheless, Microsoft does support its applicants in the study process. The practice may include training in classroom, self-study supplies, computer-based training, online classes, and books, plus the certification guides. This your chances to take advantage of the opportunity you have been provided. Select one of the many available career paths of Microsoft Certifications and enhance your skill set.

Also, you must know that Microsoft plans to introduce exams that rely on simulations and performance items in the near future.

So here’s how you start off your studies for a career in Microsoft technologies. You start by taking the suitable entry- level certification first. Get yourself the most appropriate Microsoft Certification Guides. Remember you need to choose the right guide. Following is a list of paths you can choose from:

  • MCSE certification (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) is an industry standard targeted at the IT professional and provides the skills and training needed to design and implement infrastructure functions based on the Microsoft Windows® 2000 platform. Plus it also covers the Microsoft server software including MCSE Messaging and Security.
  • MCSA certification (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator) is for IT professionals who need skills and knowledge to administer system environments based on desktop and server operator systems. This certification will train you to manage and troubleshoot system environments.
  • MCDST certification (Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician) is for students who need the right skills and training to troubleshoot ordinary hardware and software issues in Microsoft Windows environments.
  • MCITP certification (Microsoft Certified IT Professional Database Administrator) is for IT professionals who need to plan, administer, deploy, support and maintain databases created by using various Microsoft products.
  • MCITP certification (Microsoft Certified IT Professional Database Developer) gives you the skills and knowledge to plan, deploy, support, maintain and optimize IT infrastructures and databases created by using Microsoft products for example Windows Application Developer, Web Application Developer, or Enterprise Applications Developer.
  • MCPD certification (Microsoft Certified Professional Web Developer) distinguishes expert professionals who are Windows application developers, Web application developers, and enterprise application developers. Experts with these skills can build targeted applications using different platforms in the Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0.
  • MCPD certification (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer) is for students who need to distinguish themselves as an expert in comprehensive Windows application development, enterprise application, and Web application development using platforms that use the Microsoft.NET Framework. This certification is a stepping- stone to other Microsoft certifications.
  • MCTS.NET 2.0 certification (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) is designed fir IP professionals who target specific technologies and demonstrate in-depth knowledge of .NET 2.0 and other specialized Microsoft technologies.
  • MOS certification (Microsoft Office Specialist) is designed for IT professionals who need the skills and knowledge to understand and use the advanced features of Microsoft Office software.
  • MCBDA certification (Microsoft Certified Database Administrators) are trained to design, implement and administer Microsoft SQL Server databases.
  • MCT certification (Microsoft Certified Trainers) are instructors who are qualified to deliver Microsoft training courses. MCTs are authorized to deliver Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) or Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN).

4 New and Emerging IT Certifications of 2019

Technology is an ever evolving sphere and meant to keep updating itself with swiftly developing modern times to cater the need of the young generation. The employers in every IT Organization looks for employees who are experts in their skills and can bring greater profit to the organization. IT Professionals who display these abilities are preferred and highly regarded. Starting from IT networking, virtual environment and cloud based computing to wireless technology, mobile app development and information security. As a result, IT professionals belonging to any region in the world are looking to develop such skill sets. These skills can be possessed regardless you are new to IT or are already a trained professionals in search of new and advance technology skills in your field.

Getting hired is no problem once you possess one of the latest and newly released IT certifications. These certifications on your resume are sure to get the attention of employers as a highly eligible candidate for the job post. Plus, having these certifications are a proof that you are eager enough to learn new skills in your respective field promising a fulfilling job at catering your responsibilities towards organization. Employers take that as you are ready to work for them beyond your regular comfort zone.

Let us see few IT Training and Certification trends and explore which skills are selling hot this season and why:

1. Big Data – With industry focusing on Big Data, business professionals are hence trying to determine if their data infrastructures are ready to cope with it. It has been found that today’s data centers are on a collision course for big data. With the Open-source platforms you get the ability to analyze and process the required data in increased loads. Also, offering you an easier way to learn, these open course platforms play a critical role in your IT career.

2. Wireless networking – As the demand of video and multimedia distribution continues to grow, especially for the handheld and mobile devices, wireless technology is also evolving. There are many channels available. However, it is required to understand how the network is being used. You can say that many user see the wireless connectivity as a basic infrastructure implying the need of wireless management skills. Over the years this need is increased ten folds and will continue to grow hence forth.

CCNA Wireless Certification is one such IT certification that is considered as the most established forms of networking and communication certifications across globe. In this day and time when technology continues to transform and develop, such professionals will valid wireless revolution skills are encouraged to support such technological advancements and are considered to be highly in demand. Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless – CCNA Wireless training programs equip IT professionals with basic information and expertise to configure, secure and implement wireless Cisco networks.

3. Virtualization – With companies swiftly moving towards virtual technology as their basic computing platform, owing to the tremendous benefits it hold. VMware is the distinctive leader in virtualization technology and hence VMware certification holders are preferred than others in the IT marketplace. IT Training in VMware VCP 5.1 equip professionals with skills, like using VMware vCenter Server and networking, installation of ESXi hosts, security and configuration of high-availability and other aspects.

4. Cyber Security – Today’s business structure need companies to always be up and running 24/7, in such a scenario losing even a day’s transactions mean a substantial monetary mishap and loss of credibility. Data security is the utmost important aspect in any business. Hence they simply cannot afford to lose any of it. This calls for information security professionals who are apt in Cybersecurity skills and possess an IT certification to prove those skills. Mainly, the demands are for developers -who can build secure applications, network engineers with information security training and certification and architects who understand handling secure systems and processes.

There are many online websites that offer preparation guides for IT Training and Certifications. Be sure to choose the leading IT Training and Certification provider based on the compactness, flexibility and validity of those products offered. Some websites also provide Instructor-led live virtual IT Trainings and various other ways to attain Certifications, like Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, CCNA Wireless and many more.

Free Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin SPLK-1003 PDF Dumps

Want a boost in your career? Then how about becoming A Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin! SPLK-1003 Dumps Questions will help you get it. Once passed you will be able to manage countless Splunk components daily i.e. license management, indexers and search heads, configuration, monitoring, and getting data into Splunk. Splunk SPLK-1003 PDF Dumps got many candidates the top results. If you are looking for a bright future Free Splunk SPLK-1003 Dumps just might come in handy.

What’s more, this certification is a prerequisite for Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect or Splunk Certified Developer. If you must, then get it now for a flourishing future. Order your set of Splunk SPLK-1003 Exam Question Answers get started with training.

Question # 1:

You update a props. conf file while Splunk is running. You do not restart Splunk and you run this command: splunk btoo1 props list —debug. What will the output be?
A. list of all the configurations on-disk that Splunk contains.
B. A verbose list of all configurations as they were when splunkd started.
C. A list of props. conf configurations as they are on-disk along with a file path from which the configuration is located
D. A list of the current running props, conf configurations along with a file path from which the configuration was made
Answer: C

Question # 2:

Which option accurately describes the purpose of the HTTP Event Collector (HEC)?
A. A token-based HTTP input that is secure and scalable and that requires the use of forwarders
B. A token-based HTTP input that is secure and scalable and that does not require the use of forwarders.
C. An agent-based HTTP input that is secure and scalable and that does not require the use of forwarders.
D. A token-based HTTP input that is insecure and non-scalable and that does not require the use of forwarders.
Answer: B

Question # 3:

What are the required stanza attributes when configuring the transforms. conf to manipulate or remove events?
Answer: C

Question # 4:

Within props. conf, which stanzas are valid for data modification? (select all that apply)
A. Host
B. Server
C. Source
D. Sourcetype
Answer: A,C,D

Question # 5:

How often does Splunk recheck the LDAP server?
A. Every 5 minutes
B. Each time a user logs in
C. Each time Splunk is restarted
D. Varies based on LDAP_refresh setting.
Answer: B

P1000-015 Exam Questions Dumps

Question # 1:

When meeting with business users who are more involved in the day-to-day activities, what is a key discovery question that will help Connect:Direct win by highlighting its value play?

A. What is your budget?

B. Is FTP secure enough?

C. What programming language is the most supported in your company?

D. What solutions have been tried in the past or are in place for this problem?

Answer: D

Question # 2:

Based on the battle card, who is a top competitor for IBM’s B2B Collaboration offerings?

A. FileZilla


C. Control Center

D. Axway

Answer: D

Question # 3:

What is the key difference between the pricing models for Connect:Direct Premium versus Standard editions?

A. The Premium edition can talk to many endpoints, while the Standard edition can only talk to one endpoint

B. The Premium edition is priced by PVUs, while the Standard edition is priced by simultaneous sessions

C. The Premium edition includes the C:D High Speed add-on for long distance and large file transport, and this add-on is available for purchase on the Standard edition

D. The price of the Premium edition includes unlimited non-production environments, while the environments are limited on the Standard edition

Answer: B



Question # 4:

Which product in the MFT portfolio is a market leader, and has NEVER been breached?

A. Connect:Direct

B. B2B Integrator

C. WebSphere Commerce


Answer: A


Question # 5:

In what market is Connect:Direct the industry leader?

A. Partner onboarding

B. Connecting and monitoring systems

C. Data translation

D. Point-to-point file transfer

Answer: D


Cisco 200-125 Exam Questions

Question # 1:
Which three options are types of Layer 2 network attacks? (Choose three.)
A. botnet attacks
B. spoofing attacks
C. brute force attacks
D. DOS attacks
E. VLAN hooping
F. ARP attacks
Answer: B E F

Question # 2:
Which command should you enter to configure a single port to prevent alternate ports from becoming designated ports?
A, Spanning-tree guard loop
B. Spanning-tree loopguard default
C. Spanning-tree guard root
Answer: B

Question # 3:
Which command do you enter to enable an interface to support PPPoE on a client?
A. Dev1(config)# bba-group pppoe bba1
B. Dev1(config-if)# pppoe-client dial-pool-number1
C. Dev1(config-if)# pppoe enable group bba1
D. Dev1(config-if)# pppoe enable
Answer: D

Question # 4:
You have configured the host computers on a campus LAN to receive their DHCP addresses from the local router to be able to browse their corporate site. Which statement about the network environment is true?
A. It supports a DNS server for use by DHCP clients.
B. Two host computers may be assigned the same IP address.
C. The DNS server mustbe configured manually on each host.
D. The domain name must be configured locally on each host computer.
Answer: A

Question # 5:
Which three encapsulation layers in the OSI model are combined into the TCP/IP application layer? (Choose three)
A. Session
B. transport
C. presentation
D. application
E. data-link
F. network
Answer: A C D

PCNSE Exam Questions

Question #1:

If a template stack is assigned to a device and the stack includes three templates with overlapping settings, which settings are published to the device when the template stack is

A. The settings assigned to the template that is on top of thestack.
B. The administrator will be promoted to choose the settings for that chosen firewall.
C. All the settings configured in all templates.
D. Depending on the firewall location, Panorama decides with settings to send.
Answer: B
Reference: inguide/manage-firewalls/manage- templates-and-template-stacks/configure-a-templatestack

Question # 2:

An administrator has configured the Palo Alto Networks NGFW’s management interface to connect to the internet through a dedicated path that does not traverse back through the
NGFW itself. Which configuration setting or step will allow the firewall to get automatic application signature updates?

A. A scheduler will need to be configured for application signatures.
B. A Security policy rule will need to be configured to allow the update requests from the
firewall to the update servers.
C. A Threat Prevention license will need to be installed.
D. A service route will need to be configured.
Answer: D
The firewall uses the service route to connect to the Update Server and checks for new content release versions and, if there are updates available, displays them at the top of the

Question # 3:
An administrator is using Panorama and multiple Palo Alto Networks NGFWs. After upgrading all devices to the latest PAN-OS® software, the administrator enables log forwarding from the firewalls to PanoramA. Pre-existing logs from the firewalls are not appearing in PanoramA. Which action would enable the firewalls to send their pre-existing logs to Panorama?

A. Use the import option to pull logs into PanoramA.
B. A CLI command will forward the pre-existing logs to PanoramA.
C. Use the ACC to consolidate pre-existing logs.
D. The log database will need to exported form the firewalls and manually imported into PanoramA.

Answer: B

Question # 4:

A web server is hosted in the DMZ, and the server is configured to listen for incoming connections only on TCP port 8080. A Security policy rule allowing access from the Trustzone to the DMZ zone need to be configured to enable we browsing access to the server.

Which application and service need to be configured to allow only cleartext web-browsing traffic to thins server on tcp/8080.
A. application: web-browsing; service:application-default
B. application: web-browsing; service: service-https
C. application: ssl; service: any
D. application: web-browsing; service: (custom with destination TCP port 8080)
Answer: A

Question # 5:

Which two methods can be used to verify firewall connectivity to AutoFocus? (Choose two.)

A. Verify AutoFocus status using CLI.
B. Check the WebUI Dashboard AutoFocus widget.
C. Check for WildFire forwarding logs.
D. Check the license
E. Verify AutoFocus is enabled below Device Management tab.
Answer: B,D