P1000-015 Exam Questions Dumps

Question # 1:

When meeting with business users who are more involved in the day-to-day activities, what is a key discovery question that will help Connect:Direct win by highlighting its value play?

A. What is your budget?

B. Is FTP secure enough?

C. What programming language is the most supported in your company?

D. What solutions have been tried in the past or are in place for this problem?

Answer: D

Question # 2:

Based on the battle card, who is a top competitor for IBM’s B2B Collaboration offerings?

A. FileZilla


C. Control Center

D. Axway

Answer: D

Question # 3:

What is the key difference between the pricing models for Connect:Direct Premium versus Standard editions?

A. The Premium edition can talk to many endpoints, while the Standard edition can only talk to one endpoint

B. The Premium edition is priced by PVUs, while the Standard edition is priced by simultaneous sessions

C. The Premium edition includes the C:D High Speed add-on for long distance and large file transport, and this add-on is available for purchase on the Standard edition

D. The price of the Premium edition includes unlimited non-production environments, while the environments are limited on the Standard edition

Answer: B




Question # 4:

Which product in the MFT portfolio is a market leader, and has NEVER been breached?

A. Connect:Direct

B. B2B Integrator

C. WebSphere Commerce


Answer: A



Question # 5:

In what market is Connect:Direct the industry leader?

A. Partner onboarding

B. Connecting and monitoring systems

C. Data translation

D. Point-to-point file transfer

Answer: D



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